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Fuller Sound Audio and Video specializes in enhancing your vehicle experience with top-notch audio and video solutions. From premium car audio systems to cutting-edge truck accessories, we deliver quality products and expert installations. With a passion for innovation and customer satisfaction, we ensure every ride is an immersive audiovisual journey tailored to your preferences.

The history of Fuller Sound dates back to 1987, when then college student Chuck Fuller had an idea to open his own shop to serve the needs of car hobbyists, enthusiasts and average Joes looking to upgrade their rides. Little did Chuck know at the time what an awesome ride and following Fuller Sound would develop.

Building and installing custom audio and speaker systems became all the rage in mid to late 80’s and is still going strong today. Fuller Sound caught lightning in a bottle and became THE destination for this specialized service for folks local and in the surrounding areas. But it was not only head units, amplifiers and sub-woofers that were extremely popular during that time, the Fuller Sound name and brand itself also grew in notoriety to include merchandise items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, license plates, stickers and more! In fact, Fuller Sound became the largest single-point retailer for Rockford Fosgate wearable gear in the country and grew to multiple locations! Quite an accomplishment for Chuck and the team.

As Fuller Sound’s following grew, so did their quality of work and outreach. This was further amplified (see what we did there?) by the entering of vehicles into regional and national sound competitions. The NACA & IASCA events were the gold standard for mobile audio competitors and the Fuller team won their fair share. Fuller Sound also became a sponsor of these events further exposing the brand nationally. What a ride it was!

Fast forward to 2022 and Fuller Sound is BACK! The brand has been refreshed but the quality and craftsmanship that Chuck and his team developed more than 30 years ago remains the same. Add to that cutting-edge upgrades in technology, setting a new bar for excellence and a committed team of experts who really know the trade, and you have Fuller Sound 2.X! Whether mobile, marine, motorsport or motorcycle, Fuller Sound has the perfect team and equipment to not only make your ride sound great, but to look and perform great as well. We look forward to serving you, your children and maybe even grandchildren for years to come.